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Mystical Trinket Box's - Harlequin Love

These beautifully handmade jewelry box's are made from sturdy 3/4 pine and accented with various types of crown & finish moldings. This mystical trinket box features the Harlequin Love image by fantasy artist, The Dreamwitch. These Mystical trinket box's are made to last a lifetime! The bottom of the lid and the bottom of each box is covered with a felt like material to ensure what ever it gets sat on doesn't get scratched. Each trinket box has gold hinges and front latch.

Size of this box is 10 inches long 7 inches wide and 5 inches tall

mystical dream box gift harlequin love

Digital Preview Image of Lid.

Harlequin Love Mystical Trinket Box

Quote on lid = Love

All trinket box's are hand painted with multiple colors to give the effect I wanted. Each design has pre chosen colors that get painted on the jewelry box. Then coated several times with a clear finish coat to ensure their durability.

All Trinkets Box's are shipped with a special gift inside!

The Harlequin Love color scheme is black with metallic Blues and purples.

These are also coated in areas with a clear glitter paint that makes them shimmer and shine!

Price = $50.00 which includes Shipping.

On checkout screen select free shipping then hit apply if needed.

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