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Handmade " Magical " Items featuring beautiful digital fantasy artwork by The Dreamwitch.

Beauty Trinket Box - $ 40.00

magical trinket box

Our newest product we have for sale online is the Beauty trinket box. The box itself was hand crafted, not store bought and then painted. Various pine woods and trim moldings were used in its creation. The jewelry box is sturdy and will last a lifetime when cared for properly. The Beauty box was then painted with several layers of metallic paints and coated with a clear protective finish. The beauty box has a double hinge on the rear side for stability when opening and closeing. It is also lined on the inside lid and the bottom of the box itself with felt material.

This trinket box has the Beauty fantasy scene digitally created by The Dreamwitch. Each image is printed and then laminated to ensure it lasts a lifetime and can be easily cleaned.

Each box is slightly different considering it is handmade and hand painted, But the color scheme will always remain the same on this jewelry box. We use metallic pinks, mauves, purples and a black glitter paint that is quite pretty!

Beauty Trinket Box's are available for order.


The Beauty Trinket Box is Priced @ $40.00 U.S.D. and can be purchased with the paypal order button above.

A $7.00 shipping charge will be added to your total bringing it to $47.00 U.S.D.

beauty trinket box

magical jewelry box

custom trinket box

Written on lid is,


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.