Pimp My Boat

My 16' Winner Marauder Makeover

Boat Name : Just Another Project

Here is an image of the two drink holder / trays.

boat drink holders

These trays were made from 1 x 4 pine. The smaller half circles will get mounted under the holes to hold the drinks. The long one goes where the hand strap was and the smaller one goes in the middle.

I did'nt want to have to do this same thing in a year or two so i decided i'd learn how to do some fiberglass'n to make these holders last a long time.

Like i do when ever i need anything i head to walmart..lol

sure enough they have fiberglass resin, harder and the mats.

fiberglass repairs to my boat

they look a hot mess right now after adding the mats and resin. I've been sanding the parts and recoating with resin for about two days now and have them looking pretty good, then I will be putting a finish coat of gloss white on. I'll post the pictures of those probably in a day or so.

See ya then!