Pimp My Boat

My 16' Winner Marauder Makeover

Boat Name : Just Another Project

How I Made My Battery Enclosure

I have 2 Batteries that i'm going to hook up and wanted a safe enclosure for them so i created this box pictured below.

Battery Case for my boat

This battery case is 14 x 18 inches long and 12 inches tall. It will hold 2 batteries with a divider in the middle. The divider is only around 9 inches tall so that I can easily hook it up to the other while the lid is on. You'll also notice a small slot on the right which lets the positive and negative feeds to come in. I spray painted the inside a flat black and primed the outside. I plan on fiberglassing this entire box so that it lasts me for a long long time.

battery case front view

I changed my mind and didnt fiberglass this box. I applied 4 coats of exterior paint and then coated it with 5 coats of polyurethene inside and out to protect it from moisture.


boat battery hook up

Here I have only one battery hooked up but I have my bow light and my anchor light both hooked up to pull switches and working properly, I also have a 12 v power supply hooked up to the first battery since the last time I was out my phone died and I really needed it. The 12 v can charge anything that you would normaly put into your car cigerette lighter.

It's basic stuff but all I need right now.


side view winner marauder

This is a side view of course showing the box and also my new color scheme for the boat, white and black.


finished battery box

Well thats what I have for a finished box right now. I'll have to make modifications as I get more electronics to go on here though.