Up until now, I have been designing signature tags exclusively for the best Yahoo group, Let's Tag.

To learn more about the Lets_Tag group, please visit

I am also offering monthly signature tag requests here, so revisit often. Although my offers are in the fairy section, note that the monthly tags will also include other characters (mimes, fantasy, medieval, etc.)

The DreamWitch Tag of the Month (for January 2011), "Winter Flakes", expires at the end of the month. Please follow the simple instructions below to receive your FREE tag(s). IMPORTANT NOTE: Note the different email you will need to use to order this request since it is different from the Let's Tag offers!!

Request Guidelines

1. Mail all requests to the DreamWitch.

2. Limit 5 tags per person. (Limit Subject to Change)

3. Type Name of Tag in subject line. NOT YOUR NAME!! This month's tag is entitled "Winter Flakes".

4. Please allow up to 5 days for delivery, which will be via a reply email.

Past Tag Offers - Now Expired
July 2009 - No Tag Offered

DreamWitch 2006 - 2011

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